Selected Essays

A collection of some of my essays and short nonfiction.

“Stewing” as published on Autostraddle

“Puppy Tail” as published on Mason’s Road (Now Causeway Lit)

“Requiem for a Mole” in Composite Arts Magazine

“Vanilla Bones” from Hippocampus

“Incitement to Run” in Eunoia Review


For up-to-date articles detailing news and emerging trends in business, entrepreneurship, and Scooters (!) from The American Genius, please see my Staff Writer page: here.

“The Cost of Road-Tripping to See the Munster Mansion in Waxahatchie, Texas,” on The Billfold


Beyond Normal: How to Make Your Writing Devilishly Good with J. Fosberg and N. Neimi

“From Homicidal Lesbian Terrorists to Crimson Caped Crusaders: How Folk and Mainstream Lesbian Comics Heroes Queer Cultural Space” in Heroines of Comic Books and Literature

Other Fun Stuff

Listen to me nerd out:

“Editors Roundtable: Editors on Editing” on The Southeast Review

“Elements of Nonfiction Books” on the Published podcast

“Creating a Brand Voice and Tone” on the Creatives Meet Business podcast

“Creating a Strong Book Outline” on the Published podcast

“Toward a Universe of Equals” at Geek Girl Con

Sometimes I get noticed for things:

Honoree in StarWatch Publisher’s Weekly

DENTON LIT: AprilJo Murphy